From LaShonda Dreher, Drinking and Driving Monitor Supervisor for the Division of Parole and Probation:

Have you heard the news? Gov. Moore signed our supervisors collective bargaining bill today, and I was one of many supervisors who had a chance to witness this in-person!

My name is LaShonda Dreher and I am a Drinking and Driving Monitor Supervisor with the Division of Parole and Probation. You can see me smiling in the photo below, standing to the left of our AFSCME Maryland President Patrick Moran. It felt so good seeing all our hard work pay off. For the first time in our state’s history, state supervisors like us have the right to work together to collectively bargain the issues that we care the most about – safety on the job, proper staffing levels, reduced turnover, better pay, a better future for our families, and so much more.

But the reality is that we just have the legal right to form a union. Now we need to go out and get it done! That means to build a strong union a supermajority of supervisors need to come together to vote YES and join now. Sign an authorization/membership card TODAY, so we can start working towards a contract that gives us the respect and dignity we deserve.

You can click here to sign your card and vote YES for our supervisors’ union. This card does two things: It is your YES vote for our supervisors’ union, and it makes you an AFSCME member, with immediate access to all the stellar benefits that come along with it, including representation during appeals of discipline and grievances. It’s important that a supermajority of Maryland supervisors are signed up BEFORE the law goes into effect on October 1. That way we don’t lose any time in getting to the fun part – winning a better future for ourselves and our families!

I’m looking forward to seeing you join me in our AFSCME family!

Bill signing ceremony for the supervisors collective bargaining bill in Maryland